Thanks To This Site, Hacking A Facebook Account Has Never Been So Easy

I always like to prank my friends by getting into their accounts and posting something totally embarrassing. Eventually, Facebook added more security features on accounts. Now, I have to up my game a bit.

I always tried phishing for their account info. I would send a loaded link, tricking them into logging in a site they think was Facebook. Once they log-in, all their log-in info is now in my hands to play with. This doesn’t work very well anymore though. Some security features from Facebook make phishing less effective. Besides, most of my friends already know about this trick in my sleeve.

Hacking Websites
Then I found these Facebook account hacker websites. They work pretty much like a Facebook password hacker, but these guys can give me all information I need. All with a simple click of a button.
How do they work? Here’s how

The Target
First, I input my target’s profile link. This is the link that appears on your address bar whenever you are looking at somebody else’s Facebook profile. Once you input this address, the site automatically scans it to locate and pinpoint your target. I just check if what they found matches my target. has various tutorials related to Facebook account hacker.

The Hacking commences
Once you confirm that it is indeed that same person, the site automatically starts ripping-off that poor guy’s log-in information. This could take about five minutes maximum. Once it’s done, it shows the info you need as masked rows of dots on two bars. You have to do something important first before getting the good stuff

In most sites, you pay them before they start hacking. Some sites however will do the hacking for you first before asking for payment. SicZine does a fine job with the latter. Simply input your preferred payment method and those two rows of dots become the username and password of your target.

Grab those info and start having fun. Thanks to these sites, I can start pranking my friends again without being caught. Learn how to hack a Facebook account today!