E-Juice: The Soul of Electronic Cigarette

So, you are planning to try electronic cigarettes. But did you know that your e-cig alone won’t just be enough? Yes! You need to buy the so called “soul” of electronic cigarette which is the e-juice. E-juice is also known as e-liquid or vape juice. These terms mean all the same.

What makes E-Juice the Soul of Electronic Cigarette?
Obviously, your e-cigarette would be useless if your e-juice would not be properly chosen. Why? Because e-juice makes the vapor. It’s the thing you will inhale when you are vaping. Without it, your e-cigarette will not be functional. More information on e-juice on nicvape.co.nz.

What composes e-juice or e-liquid?
E-juice used in vaporizers consists of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base. 10% of e-juice contains flavourings with pleasant taste and odor. The flavourings may also contain nicotine. But some smokers differ in choice when it comes to nicotine strength of e-juice’s flavour. Some may choose e-juice without nicotine. Some may choose between low, medium, or high level of nicotine strength too.

What are the famous flavours of e-juice?
A flavour of e-liquid is definitely interesting. The following are the most popular flavours:

• USA Blend
• Gummi Bear
• Banana Nut Bread
• Blue Ruz Cotton Candy
• Peach Green Tea
• Pink spot
• Watermelon Wave
• Black Mamba
• Frozen Limo Drop
• Rip Tide
• Swagger
• Peach Hit Tobacco

Basically, the flavours adds up to the better experience of vaping. Unlike traditional cigarette with only the same taste despite the kind of brand you may be using, e-juice lets you want to use it more. And because you can choose among the levels of nicotine strength, it is regarded to be safer than traditional cigarette. It also produces more smoke than cigarette. But, it smells better which is not irritating to the nose of others who might be smelling it.