Why GTA?

Gaming is one of the favorite pastime all over the world of both the young and the old. There are thousands of games in various genres and with different objectives to choose from. There are educational ones like puzzles and math-solving games while there are those that let you pretend you are a kick-ass gangster such as GTA or Grand Theft Auto.

The GTA series is a commercial success worldwide, garnering over 250 million shipped units and becoming the 4th highest selling video game franchise next to Pokemon and Mario series. It can be played across a number of platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, computer, tablets and smartphones. You can find more details on Grand Theft Auto on the site gtadownload.org.

Up to this moment, many players still patronize the series, whether it is a paid version in the App store or a GTA Free Download. And why not? There are several things to like about Grand Auto Theft.

 You can play it anytime of the day regardless of your location so long as you have a device. You can play GTA even when you are offline.
 While the game can trigger a rush of adrenaline, the risks and dangers involved in driving a real car or getting into combat are absent.
 The game can bridge the age gap between players. A teenager and an adult in his 40s can enjoy GTA together.
 This is an economical form of having a good time since you pay less or none when playing the game especially when you opt for GTA Free Download.

The game is known to have explicit contents so if you have young players, be sure to determine if GTA would be appropriate for them and if they can already handle it. It is also important to ensure that the site you access for GTA Free Download is secured and reliable.