How to disinfect a Camelbak water bottle

Some people think that it’s not necessary to clean the water bottle, especially you’re only putting water into it. But that’s gross. Remember, bacteria love to stay in a moist environment and dark environment as well. Therefore, the water bottle is a good place to develop bacteria. So, if you’re doing the bad habit of not cleaning your water bottle, change your mind now. And follow the tips below in disinfecting the water bottle. offers some in-depth insights on CamelBak Bottles.

Camelbak is a dishwasher-safe brand. So, if you’re lazy to wash your water bottle manually, throw it in the dishwasher. Remember, don’t be too lazy. Clean your water bottle every day.

Warm soapy water
You must also use a warm soapy water when cleaning your water bottle. It’s not enough to use water to clean it. You can shake the warm soapy water or you can use a bottle brush especially for the hard to reach areas.

Clean with vinegar
Using a vinegar can clean your water bottle. Especially if you’re putting a hot water in it. Most of the time, the residue from the hot water sticks to the wall of the water bottle leaving a scum. Hot vinegar can do the trick. Just rest it for the night and clean it afterward. Don’t worry, your water bottle won’t taste like vinegar. You just need to air dry after you clean it with warm soapy water.

Avoid strong bleach
If you aim to remove all the dirt and viruses in your water bottle, a strong bleach is not a solution. Vinegar is enough to disinfect your water bottle. However, you can also use a water bottle cleansing tablet if vinegar is not enough. Using bleach can damage your water bottle, so avoid using when you clean it.