A Couple Of Pokemon Tips For You

Just like the Pokemon series say, Gotta Catch Em All. There are a lot of Pokemons that you can catch and through a ton of games to play. In fact if you want to play the older games and you don’t have a system for them then just download some Pokemon ROMs. GBA versions are available as only the newer ones are rare to get in terms of ROMs at least. Regardless which of the main Pokemon games you play, these tips can help you.

A few tips for playing Pokemon games

 Choose a starter Pokemon that you like because you won’t be able to get the other two in the game unless you trade with other people.
 Start slow and steady in building your Pokemon team. You can carry six at a time but earlier in the game your access to certain Pokemons is limited. That’s why build up your team slowly and don’t rush things.
 When building your team, you need to have specific types in your lineup. Keep in mind that royalroms.com have a weakness and strength mechanic depending on the types. Try to have more than one type of Pokemon in your lineup to combat other Pokemons.

 Try to check if you have the necessary items in your bag before heading out so that you won’t have problems later on.
 You don’t have to evolve every Pokemon you have but once you’re at that stage of collecting then do it slowly.

Just a few things to remember

 These tips are only for the main games. The spin off games aren’t necessarily turn-based so these tips may not work.
 If all else fails, you can always just restart your progress but you will lose everything.

Pokemon games can be fun and challenging but with these tips, they maybe easier.