Redemption: Chemo Lawsuit Againts Taxotere Maker

Chemotherapy is one of the most common options in the treatment of cancer. It is known to cause negative side effects that are either temporary or permanent. Doctors take time to explain all of these unwanted outcomes to the patients and their respective families and yet many still agree to its use for the sake of total healing.

One of the most undesirable effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. It could bring down your self-esteem especially if you are a woman, and more importantly if you are used to sporting a long hair. But this is an acceptable outcome so long as it is temporary which is true in many anti-cancer chemotherapy drug. has various tutorials related to chemo lawsuit.

Taxotere is an exemption to this case and unfortunately, its manufacturer decided to keep quiet about it without taking into consideration the women who will have to endure hair loss for the rest of their lives. It was only a few years after the chemotherapy that thousands of patients discovered they could no longer grow their hair back.

Are you one of the Taxotere users who suffered permanent hair loss? If so, you can file a chemo lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis and join thousands of other woman who came forward to complain. Yes, being granted claims can never bring back your hair. However, the party at fault needs to make amends and take responsibility for the deliberate concealment of the said effect.

It would be wise to seek legal assistance from someone who is trusted and is right now very much involved in the matter. We all know that Sanofi-Aventis is a big company and they will not easily stand down to a chemo lawsuit. This is not just bringing justice to yourself. This is also looking out for the welfare of others who are considering to use Taxotere.