HextraCoin: How Does Work?

Before joining any institution or any other programs, one must know how it works and how they will be able to earn through this. So how does Hextra coin works?


HextraCoin works by joining their program, you need to invest money and they’ll earn you more by cryptocurrency trading as described. If you are more curious about hextracoin then you can learn more about it on hextracoincrypto.com.

Hextracoin claims to work in the various ways by earning through, daily profits with trading, daily interest on lending, interest on holding Hextra (proof of stake), Hextra mining and by referring other people to the platform. Through all of these money earning methods, they promise to pay 48% ROI every month.


Some also claim that the program is a high yield investment program, meaning the way the money is being generated or produced here is through the investments of new and existing members. Every time a new member signs up for this program and invests money, that money is also used to pay the old and existing members who have signed up and invested in the program too.


Meanwhile, the trading system is also described as an “intelligence robot trade program” that would probably profit from the fluctuation of cryptocurrency in the market.  However, the company claims that there are 29 million Hextracoins available worldwide, but the coin isn’t listed on any exchange, and the company has no transparency whatsoever – so it’s impossible to verify this claim.


As claimed, Hextracoin is said to be a “Peer to peer” network, so it must also be based on trust between people. They say that there are no servers who run HextraCoin, and the users are the servers; so each computer will operate as clients & servers.


As for many claims that have been circulating in the internet, it is still advisable to research on these matters before making risks on joining them.