Wearing Pearl Earrings

Have you ever thought of wearing a pair of elegant jewelry? To be frank, women have been accessorizing themselves with the different fashion style and statements. Because of this, different styles of fashion accessories have been made even before the 21st century. The two famous type of accessories is the pearl and diamond. Diamonds are considered to be more expensive than pearls which resulted in the usage of more pearls. Click here to know more about Pearl Earrings on site otomo.co.uk.

Before anything else, pearls come from shelled mollusks but there are also pearls which are cultured by man. There are four types of pearls which will be mentioned in this article to help you choose the right and suitable pearl jewelry for you such as pearl stud earrings, pearl necklace, and pearl drop earrings.

● Freshwater pearls - these pearls are cultured on farms near freshwater areas such as the pond, lake, or even river. When the pearl reaches a specific size, it is then harvested. Some people dye this type of pearl in order to create a depth color like the other pearls.
● South Sea pearls - compared to freshwater pearls, South Sea pearls are cultured in saltwater oysters found in Indonesia, and Western Australia. These pearls are considered to be 10 mm to 20 mm in size which makes them bigger compared to other pearls. Aside from that, these pearls can either have golden-yellow hue or mostly white in color.
● Akoya pearls - these pearls are found in the salt waters of China and Japan. It typically has a size of 2 to 11 mm in size with the average of 6 to 8 mm. It is also considered to be the most expensive kind of pearl compared to the others. These pearls have a pinkish hue which makes it the most beautiful type of pearl.
● Tahitian pearls - these pearls come from the black lip oysters which means that these pearls are black in color. It is found in the warm salt waters in the islands of French Polynesia. However, the cultured Tahitian pearls can vary in different colors such as green, pink, silver, yellow, and blue. The rare the color, the more it is considered to be valuable.