Best-Selling Electric Log Splitters

Do you want to keep your environment comfortable and warm in the easiest way? Are you using a fireplace and needs sufficient amount of logs everyday?
If you want your logs splitted with less time and energy, then using an electric log splitter is the most beneficial tool for you. If you want convenience when cutting logs, choosing a reliable log splitter company is a good start for you when looking for an electric log splitter. Depending on your specific needs, let’s have a look at a few electric log splitter reviews. Learn about electric log splitter reviews on

Here Are A Few Of The Best-Selling Electric Log Splitters.


Not designed for heavy duty and high volume log splitting, the Yardmax YS0552 has a compact design for easy storage. It is also lightweight so it can be easily moved around and transported. Despite this product being lightweight, the Yardmax YS0552 is well-constructed with metal parts for its durability. It has also a short cycle time, so this electric log splitter can get your job done at the shortest time.


With 14,000 driving force, the Powerhouse XM-380 electric log splitter is a powerful splitter used in most households. This electric log splitter can split more than 100 logs an hour and can even handle knotted woods. It has an auto retraction action and the Powerhouse XM-380 is also highly efficient for all weather conditions.


With its extra tall design, the TR Industrial TR89130 electric log splitter allows you to conveniently load your logs without straining your muscles. This electric log splitter has built-in wheels so it can be moved around quite easily. It has a 5 ton raw splitting power due to its 15 amp, 2 horse power motor.

Although electric log splitters have different styles, you can choose a specific log splitter according to your specific requirement. Consider choosing from these three best-selling log splitters for your advantage.