When I was a little kid, my older brother gave me a very basic yoyo for Christmas. I did not know how to use it so I did not find the gift very exciting. I did not know that he was observing me and my reaction and after a few minutes, he took the yoyo from me and began doing his tricks. I was really amazed on how good he was with what he was doing and that made me excited and happy. I appreciated his gift and asked him to teach me how to do it. I was lucky enough to have a brother who gave his time and effort to teach me the basic tricks. I must say that he had really given me the best yoyo for beginners because I learned some great tricks after some time. Let me share with you the tricks that my brother taught me. Learn more about yoyos terraria on yoyoguide.

Around the world

For this trick, it will require your yoyo to "sleep" or to be steady at a certain time. To do this, make sure that the string tension is not too tight. You should do a forward pass and after doing that, you have to hold the yoyo by your side and throw it until it reaches the end of the string. Once it's at the end, you have to cushion it so it can sleep for a while to make a revolution. Once it completed the revolution you give it a tug so it will return back to your hand.

Rock the baby

To do this trick, you have to drape the string first over your left index finger. After that, pinch the string above the yoyo only about a few inches, then put your thumb into the loop. Expand it to make a triangle then fold the triangle down. Tilt the triangle up and swing it back and forth to complete rocking the baby.