Dog Training: A Learning Point

A dog could easily learn from interactions it has with its environment and the people around it. This training can be done using classical conditioning, where it formulates a relationship between two stimuli or motivational factors; non-associative learning, where dog’s behavior is modified or changed through familiarization or sensitization; and operant conditioning, where it forms an relationship between a previous event and its consequence associated with it. You can learn more about Dog Trainer in Wigan here

Classical Conditioning

Is also known as Pavlovian conditioning, it is a form of learning in which one conditioned stimulus comes to signal the happening of a second or next stimulus, which the unconditioned stimulus. Classical conditioning is the training when a dog learns to associate or familiarize things in its environment, or discovers and learns that some things just go together. Most dogs are afraid of rain because they can associate it with thunder and lightning, or it may respond to the owner for a certain actions. Classical conditioning is used by dog trainers in dog training sessions to help teach a dog of specific associations with a particular stimulus, usually in overcoming fear of other people and certain situations.

Non-associative Learning

This is a modification in a reaction to a stimulus that do not involve any association with the presented stimulus with another or second stimulus such as reward or punishment. Habituation or familiarization is considered a non-associative learning.

Observational learning

It is the learning that occurs by observing the behavior of its owner or the other people around it. This kind of learning does not need any support to occur; instead, a model animal or an animal to copy is required. Many behaviors that are observed by dogs are remembered and imitated through the model it is following. Domestic dogs are a social species and this makes them aware of the behavior of others people and animals as well, that contributes well to its own behavior and learning capabilities.

There are different methods that dog trainers or even owners can do in order to discipline their dogs, there are also training services that are offered by dog trainers around the world. If for example you are in England, somewhere in wigan, you can ask or search the internet for dog trainers in Wigan or you can also find dog trainings in Wigan where you can join and participate, in order to teach your dogs to be sociable and helpful in some ways.