Do you know that having a Buddhist statue in your home can bring in positive energy? And that the Buddhist statue can bring fortune in your life if placed properly?

With the presence of the Buddha statue enhancing your life, you can have positivity in your life by placing the statue in the correct way. As the location can enhance the statues’ presence, it is always a good decision to find out the acceptable places where the Buddha statue can be placed. Check our recommendation oneminddharma on statue of the buddha.

Same as a prayer room, you can place your Buddhist statue in a special room where you place your other sculptures of Gods and Goddesses. This room can be a room for praying and offerings as well, with the Buddha statue as the medium of communication.
Known to attract positive energies, placing the Buddhist statue facing your main door will neutralize all the negative energies in your home. Having the Buddhist statue on your main door will let the positive energy get inside your home.
If you want to have prosperity on your workplace, placing the Buddhist statue on your reception table is your biggest help. Having a Buddhist statue on a reception table in the office will bring positive vibes into your workplace.
If you are placing the Buddhist statue inside your home, always put your statue on top of the table. Placing a Buddha statue on the floor inside your home is considered as not lucky so always make sure that your Buddha is placed appropriately on top of the table.

If you put the statue of the Buddha in these places, make sure that the tables and the room are well-maintained are clutter-free. This is to allow all the positive energy to flow freely without any hindrance. For a few different designs of Buddhist statues, have a look at the One Mind Dharma Company online.