Goodbye Baldness: Hair transplant options to choose from

For those people who are tired of using shampoos that promised them hair restoration or taking several pills that gave them false hope of preventing hair loss, they should worry no more. Hair transplant is currently the most popular method in restoring natural growing hair compared to shampoos and pills. Healthy hair follicles are replanted into the affected area, mostly on the top of the head and in the front hairline. Hair follicles that are to be transplanted are nor genetically experimented hairs. These follicles are taken from the parts of the head that are not susceptible to hair loss such as the back and the sides of the head. For hair transplant, it is a one-time cost treatment than using shampoos and taking pills that might be for a lifetime.

Prior to taking hair transplant procedure, here are the options to choose from:

    • Follicular Unit Transplant. This strip method is perhaps the most popular option of hair transplant. The procedure includes taking a narrow strip of hair from the back portion of the scalp in the areas not susceptible of hair loss. The grafts from the strip will then be separated and transplanted into the affected areas. The advantage of this method is that more grafts are transplanted in one session, giving patient a more dramatic and quick hair restoration. You can find more details on زرع الشعر on the site


  • Follicular Unit Extraction. This second option includes harvesting each hair follicles from the unaffected area and transplanting them into the balding area. What makes this option different is that it does not require strip cutting or any deep surgery, giving patient less scarring and faster recovery. However, this option is expensive since it is labor intense.



  • Scar/Transplant Revision. If there are some problems experienced from the two previous options, scar/transplant revision will fixed it. This includes touching up visible hair loss areas, fixing poor transplant procedures and hides the scar caused by the previous procedures. The disadvantage of this option is that it is more expensive.