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People nowadays have their heads stuck on the screen of their mobile phones. It’s very hard to keep a conversation going since people check their phones every minute. Why, you ask? It’s because of social media. People are slowly turning into social media freaks that can’t be separated with their gadgets. Technology indeed has helped humans make their life much easier but it poses some serious threats to how humans usually get on with the social lives.

Negative Impacts
One of the negative impacts of social media is that some individuals use them to desperately achieve popularity and sometimes to gain the acceptance of their peers. Most teenagers struggle to connect with other teenagers and make friends in school due to social media. Each school has their own popular group of friends. And that group is what other teenagers wish to be part of for the reason that they want to respected, prioritized in school events or sometimes worshipped by the loser group of teens.

The solutions
Moreover, these teens become popular because of a few characteristics among them. One common characteristic is your physical appearance. If you’re pretty or handsome, you most probably have the highest chance of becoming part of the popular group in your school. The second characteristics would be are your talents. If you’re part of the school basketball varsity or cheering squad, you become instantly popular as most of the teens in your school see you in school sports events. The third and probably the easiest way of becoming popular is being famous in social media networks like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc. This is why some people purchase Real Instagram Followers to get instant likes on their pictures and that makes them famous. It’s not easy to become popular especially if you were born ugly or untalented which is why they resort to the third characteristic most of the times.