Gateway to the soul: forehead kiss

One of the ways in which you can express the emotions that you are feeling would be to tell the other person but also to kiss him or her. After all, they all say that the actions you do are about tenfold louder than the words that you can ever say. This is why some people opts to just convey what they want to say through a kiss. Now, there are a lot of different kisses, but it is known that a forehead kiss is the most respectful type of kiss as well as the sweetest one indeed. This is a type of affection that is no longer that common nowadays but is truly one of a kind. More information on forehead kiss on the site

You are loved
When you are loved by someone, you would know it even without having to get so physically intimate with the other person. You can show it through different forms of affection. A forehead kiss can hold a lot of meanings, but one thing is for sure: you are loved by that person. You are special to him or her and that is why he or she gave you that kind of kiss. It is a love that is the truest type of love in this world just as well.

The kiss of the soul
This may not be quite familiar to you, but it is said that when you are kissed in the forehead, it means that you are being kissed on your very soul. After all, it is very intimate and personal to be kissed in a place where not many people would. It also means that you are being respected and that can very well mean that you are being opened up. Having someone to kiss you on your soul and your being is very peculiar indeed so go ahead and do just that.