Common Uses of PVC Patches

PVC Patches are popularly being used today due to its durability and long-lasting characteristics. Though there are still woven patches or labels you may see to other items today, still the number of PVC patches cannot be outgrown.

PVC patches are made of polyvinyl chloride which is known to be very durable. No wonder why PVC patches can be attached to different items. Let’s take a look what are specific items where PVC patches are commonly used:

Military and Law Enforcement

PVC patches are used today in military and law enforcement not just because of its amazing look but because these patches are made to last longer. It is waterproof and would still look good even when washed constantly. As we all know, uniforms of military and law enforcement are worn in challenging activities and are prone to dirt. Even when washed hundred times, PVC patches are not easily damaged. More information on custom pvc patches click here.

Outdoor Gears

PVC Patches are great for outdoor gears such as tent, jackets, bags and many others. Because these patches can withstand in hot or cold weather, they can carry a logo or brand’s name of a longer period of time. This is why manufacturers prefer to use PVC patches on their items compared to embroidered or woven ones.

Commercial patches

There are many items that use PVC patches such as company uniforms and souvenirs of events. And because there are many companies that provide service in making customized PVC patches, you can get these patches for a lesser price especially when ordered in bulk. Just make sure that you come to the right makers. Some may just be using poor materials, thus, it is very important that you search well the reputation. Read reviews especially when doing transactions online. You may get samples of their works before closing a deal.