Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors tends to cover most of the homes space. This means that the style you choose should complement your house design. Poor choice of garage door design might end up destructing the design of your home. For this reason there are many styles of garage design that you can choose from.

Types of garage door styles.

1. Traditional style: When you have a look at most homes what you are likely to see are these kinds of doors. The traditional style of making garage doors is still trending in this era. This traditional style of making garage doors is characterised by the fact that when the garage door, is opened it slides to the garage ceiling space. There are some that lift up and then slide back.

2. Carriage style: The most common form of carriage style is characterised by wood although they can still be made from other forms of materials. There are small windows that are located at the top of the garage door.

3. Flat panel: These design is quite elegant because of the wood grain textures. The garage doors are made from smooth woods.

4. Raised panel: The names speaks it all. When the garage door is opened, the raised panels fold into the ceiling. These raised panels are made from materials such as steel, aluminium and wood. The beauty of this style of garage doors is that it comes in different colours hence one is not limited to picking just one colour.

5. Ribbed panel: These kind of garage doors are mostly found in commercial places but they can as well be used in homes. Each panel is characterised by several ribs on it.

Described above are some of the garage door styles. As much as there are a lot of garage doors in the current market one needs to exercise caution when buying one. Always ensure that your choice of garage door matches the design of your home. This will ensure they blend well.