For ambitious chefs: knowing the different types of flour

If you have it in mind to make something that is delicious, one of the main ingredients of your dish would most likely be flour. However, the choosing of flour is not just getting a sack of flour and then using it immediately. No, if you have the ambition to become a great chef someday, you must know about the different types of flour that would suit your dish. Here are some of the types of flour that you should be familiar with by now or if not, then start familiarizing yourself with these ones.

Bread flour

This type of flour is milled together with hard wheat and if you are planning to make bread, then this should be the type you should use. It can seem similar to all purpose flour but this one has higher protein content and gluten. It makes sure that the dough is going to be elastic and you would produce a loaf that is lighter in weight. To learn more about The Quenelle browse this site.

All-purpose flour

The all-purpose flour is practically the most used type of flour. If you have it in mind to make pastries like cake, muffins, cookies and a lot more, then this is your good pick. It has less protein and gluten than bread flour but it is very rich in iron, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin and even niacin which is why it is very popular.

Corn flour

This flour is made straight from corn kernels and is almost does not have any gluten in it. You can add other flours to this one so you can make really delicious bread all in all. Kamut flour. If you happen to know someone who is allergic to wheat then you can try to use this type of flour as around seventy percent of people with wheat allergy can actually tolerate this one.