Why Buy LOL Accounts

While there are many sites that offer people to buy League of Legends account, most people are wary of actually purchasing one in fear of violating LOL terms. However, the benefit of buying LOL smurfs from trustworthy websites has its perks that a free account can certainly not give.

1. Free Boosters

When people buy LOL accounts, they are often do so because these are bundle with helpful boosters that they can use to play better in ranked games. Some LOL accounts for sale have heroes attached for the buyers to use. This is particularly helpful since obtaining a hero the usual way is really tedious. You might end up spending all your waking hours just trying to collect enough IPs to buy just one hero. With purchasing LOL accounts, it is entirely possible to buy lol accounts with as much as 20 legendary heroes in it.

2. Improved play performance

Aside from being able to use awesome legendary heroes in your game, buying LOL accounts also has the advantage of skipping time-consuming games and just focus on winning your ranked games. This is because these accounts for sale often has the starting line of Level 30. This is because all the levels below 30 are just games that are meant to accumulate enough IP points and serve as the player’s cushion as they enter the ranked games. Thus, buying LOL smurfs is more practical compared to traditional way of ranking up.

3. Easy reset

When you buy LOL accounts, it becomes much easier to just reset everything nd play from the start without suffering repercussions. You can even play again with your lower-ranked friends for fun. You don’t have to worry about hurting your friends feelings (by leaving them at low levels) and still have the advantage of being able to play ranked games to your heart’s content.